Rooster Tale

Dads father grew up in Southwestern Va. My great great grandparents lived in the house where Dad’s  brother Dee lives. Sylvester was there telling some tales from way back. 

Grandpa Vicars was a hard working man who drove a mule in to Bristol to sell his vegetables. Most people didn’t know he was blind. 

“Grandpa Vicars used to shave on the back porch off the kitchen. Back there before they had the bathroom. He’d always shaved with soap and lather but when he got older Aunt Dulcie bought him some shaving cream. We’d never seen any thing like it and got to fooling around playing with it. 

We took it out in the yard and decorated, put it on tree branches and all over. For some reason the chickens just were crazy for it and ate it up as fast as they could. All of them just gobbled it up. 

It killed em. Every one of those chickens was dead by night. Don’t know what was in it.”

Sylvester told about his brother Lynn who jumped off the bridge into the Mendota River on the way home from the hospital following a leg amputation.  Proved he could swim just as good with one leg. 

Somewhere out there is a picture of Grandma Vicars, Grandma McCracken, Grandaddy, John, and me. It was Christmas, maybe 1981 and we had a big bowl of Easter eggs because she had insisted on it. 


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