Sept 21, 1973

John and Jeannie were married at Hagerstown Mennonite Fellowship Church by Bishop Melvin Horst of Columbiana OH. They had a reception at the home of Maurice and Naomi Martin on Maugans Ave for 125 guests.  They married one week after Dad turned 21, the age his Parents considered majority and quit supporting him. 

Mennonite. Isn’t there a Spray for That? 

What are Mennonites? According to John Oliver of The Daily Show they are Diet Amish. Statistically the risk of your child being born Mennonite is doubling every three years, but it's not a birth defect, either. Globally, the average Mennonite is a woman, and black. There's probably no "Denomination" as impossible to define. They descend … Continue reading Mennonite. Isn’t there a Spray for That?